Swimming Pool Solar Covers, Solar Spa Covers and Pool Cover Reels - Direct to you!

Our solar pool covers and spa covers represent the best value swimming pool covers around. High quality solar blankets, at low, low prices.

We supply top quality, Australian made solar pool covers at heavily discounted rates. Like all good pool shops, we are now buying our solar blankets exclusively from ABGAL - Australia's largest manufacturer of premium liners and covers. All of our solar covers are a minimum of 20% off their recommend retail prices. Shop around then compare our prices! If you find an equivalent quality, Australian made solar blanket, at a better price, let us know - if we can beat it, we will.

We also have a range of spa covers - choose economical solar style, spa foam or our new tie down spa covers - a great value for money alternative to expensive hard spa covers.

Our solar pool covers are made with SmartBubble technology - which produces a stronger bubble with an even thickness throughout - with no stretching or weak points. They also feature a bubble wall around 5% thicker than any other tested, and are also 20% flatter - so our covers take up less space in storage, and are easier to handle!