$200 Pool Cover Rebate for Victoria

Under a new pool cover rebate scheme, Victorian residents can apply for a $200 cash rebate when purchasing and installing a qualifying pool cover and roller.   To qualify for the rebate, a solar blanket needs to cover the whole pool, be at least 400 microns thick, contain ultra violet (UV) stabilisers, be licensed under the Smart Watermark Approval scheme AND be purchased at the same time as a roller.

If you have a combined pool and spa in one, the cover must be large enough to cover both the pool and spa.

There are two separate claim forms, one for people on town water, and one for those on tank water – both are eligible for the $200 rebate – its just a different form.

You can download a copy of the claim forms here, under the ‘Living Victoria Water Rebate Program’


While it sounds a bit complicated, it really isn’t.

Just make sure you pick a 400 micron solar cover, and buy your reel at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you take advantage of  one of our four eligible combo deals, or buy them as separate pieces on this site, they’ll show on the one tax invoice, which can then be attached to your claim form to the Living Victoria Water Rebate Program.  While the Victorian pool cover rebate scheme is scheduled to remain in effect until 30 June 2013, it’s probably a good idea to get in sooner rather than leave it until the last minute.