Do I need to remove my solar pool blanket every few days?

I found¬† a post on a parents and babies forum this morning, where people were talking about using a solar pool cover/blanket in conjunction with solar pool heating. One poster had advised that if you use both, you need to remove the pool cover every 3 days, leave it off for 3 days, put it back for 3 and so on.¬† They didn’t know why they had to do it, but that was their understanding. (And yes, they were doing it!) They were in Perth, WA. So if you happen to live in Perth, and have been told the same thing, we would love to hear from you – particularly if you’ve been given a reason why you need to do that!!

The only reasons you would need to remove your solar pool cover for a few days would be:

  • You have superchlorinated (in which case, you leave it off until chlorine levels return to normal)
  • Your pool is too hot and you want to stop extra heating
  • Your pool is too full and you want to let some water evaporate
  • You are having trouble getting an algae problem under control, and need to reduce the water temperature/add extra chemicals

Otherwise, you should be able to leave your cover on at all times, and just remove it for swimming.


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