Who is ‘Home and outdoor Products’? My browser keeps redirecting me there.

Home and Outdoor Products is our parent company. We started with 4 small specialist sites (swimmingpoolliners.com.au, spapoolcovers.com.au, pondlinersaustralia.com.au and pooltoysaustralia.com.au). All but pooltoysaustralia.com.au now redirects to homeandoutdoor.com.au. Pooltoysaustralia.com.au will also be redirected before the end of 2014.

Are the ‘Soft tie down spa covers’ safety rated to be used instead of a pool fence?

No, in Australia you need to have fencing around any body of water greater than 300mm deep. At this point in time, you are not allowed to use a cover instead of a fence. While ‘lockable’, our tie down covers are designed to keep out dirt and debris and reduce the heat evaporation and chemical usage. They may also deter children from the spa as the water is covered – therefore there is no attraction to “touch” the water. Spa covers are not sold as a safety cover.

Are the solar blanket sizes the pool size or the actual cover size?

All sizes given on this site are pool size, not actual cover size (just like in most pool shops).

Always order the closest length and width to match your pool size. If your pool size is not shown, select the next size up, and cut the cover to fit. You will notice when it arrives that it is slightly larger than the pool anyway – this is to allow for turn up, and also any shrinkage that may occur in the blanket.

Is an attachment kit supplied with each blanket?

No. Reels come with an attachment kit, but blankets to do not. If you are ordering a replacement blanket, so require a new cord and eyelets ‘attachment kit‘, you can find them on our accessories page. Please note that accessory items incur a delivery charge – these are shown on the product description.

The best solar blanket, at the best possible price.

The only difference between buying from your poolshop and here online is that we do not have the wide range of styles you can get in your pool shop. To keep our costs down, we’ve just chosen to stock a few common sizes, in a standard translucent blue.

So for a top quality, Australian brand, translucent blue solar blanket, in a 250, 400 or 500 micron, look no further. Order yours here today, and save somewhere between 20% and 50% off recommended retail price.

If you would like a free sample of the actual material used, you can contact us using the ‘contact form’ on the left hand side of the page, with your name and postal address, letting us know which thickness you would like to see (250, 400 or 500 micron). We’ll post you one, free of charge so you can see the quality for yourself.

Is there a warranty?

  • The 250 micron (3 series equivalent) has a 3 year pro-rata warranty
  • The 400 micron (5 series equivalent) has a 5 year pro-rata warranty
  • The 500 micron (8 series equivalent) has an 8 year pro-rata warranty

How do we do we make our prices so low when quality is so high?

We deal direct with the manufacturer,  and sell straight to you.  We only stock a few sizes, and the most popular styles. We don’t spend thousands of dollars on advertising, we don’t pay sales people and we don’t have a shop front – so we don’t have the overheads that pool shops have.  Running our business online means that our costs are much lower, so therefore we can keep our prices much lower.

Delivery charges

Shipping fees are calculated at checkout, and will vary depending on parcel weight, dimensions and destination.

Delivery Times

Delivery times vary, depending on the destination, but metropolitan areas such as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide etc can expect delivery within 2-3 business days. NSW, QLD, VIC and SA regional areas can take 4-5 working days, and as usual, those enjoying the WA and NT lifestyle have to wait that little bit longer – generally between 4 – 10 working days.

Local Pick Up

At this stage, we are not able to offer local pick up.