How to Choose the Best Solar Pool Cover

Choosing a solar pool cover can be confusing…  There are many brands of solar blankets on the market.  They may all look much the same, but they are not.  Buyer beware! We demystify the process here, with an insider’s guide to how you can make a smart choice:

MYTH: Solar pool covers are the same as “bubble wrap”, aren’t they?

FACT: No, while a Solar Cover may look like bubble wrap (and are indeed often made in the same factory), the real difference is major. One of the joys of bubble wrap is twisting and squeezing it until it POPS!  Quality Solar blanket bubble fabric cannot be twisted or squeezed to the point of popping. The bubbles should be so tough, you could even jump on it and it still wouldn’t give in!

Let us help you understand the jargon…

Be wary of cheap and nasty bubble fabric!  There are plenty of low grade, poor quality, solar pool covers being sold in the marketplace, but they don’t last.  You think you’re getting a bargain, until you find out your ‘bargain’ has fallen apart and, after just one year, you need to buy a new pool blanket.   Even the same thickness does not mean the same useful life of the pool cover.

The QUALITY of a solar blanket is measured in a number of ways.  You see, there are special and very expensive additives needed to make plastic last a long time when exposed to our harsh Australian Sun. These add considerable cost to the material and good sense tells us it is “not possible” to have a dirt cheap AND long lasting product. It is  you choose one which is made for Australian conditions.

TIP: Look for a bubble size at least 12mm in diameter and a bubble shape that does not have sharp edges, but is rounded and evenly formed. This can make as much difference to the life of the blanket as the thickness.

The easiest quality difference to identify, is the thickness of the film from which the blanket material is made. This is measured in microns.  What is a “micron”? A MICRON is a metric unit of measure which is equal to one thousandth of a millimeter.  The most popular choice in pool blankets is 400 microns. This has also been the minimum requirement for government rebates in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Solar blankets are made in STANDARD SIZES to reflect both their suitability to all pool shapes and sizes, plus the width of the material it is made from.  When considering a cover for your pool, MEASURE the maximum length and width at the waterline and make note of these. Then add a minimum of 50mm to all 4 sides and select the closest size from one of our many listed sizes.

To make using your solar pool blanket EASY, we recommend using a Storage Reel/Solar Roller. So lightweight and simple, even a child can use it!  We have pool cover storage solutions for both inground and above ground pools.

OUR RANGE includes:

Oasis 400  – the most popular choice. 400 microns thick and a 5 year pro-rata warranty. It carries the SMART Approved WATERMARK which makes it eligible for save water REBATES sometimes available from governments/councils. It will solar heat your pool free from the sun, up to 8 degrees celsius. It virtually stops evaporation by an impressive 99.84%…

Oasis 500 – another popular choice. 500 microns thick and an 8 year pro-rata warranty. It too will solar heat your pool free from the sun, retain that heat and stop 99.84% of water loss through evaporation.

Solarcover 250  – for those on a budget. 250 microns thick and a 3 year pro-rata warranty. Also carries the Smart Approved Watermark.

Contact us with your pool length and width and preferred blanket type for unbeatable deals, if the product you seek is not currently listed on our website.