How do I fix a hole in my solar pool cover?

While small holes or tears in a solar pool cover don’t stop it from working, they look unsightly, and can easily become larger.

If you’ve had your solar cover for a few years, and it has pretty much reached the end of its life, you are best off just biting the bullet and replacing it. If its only a new solar cover, and it is the seams that are starting to split, (not actually a tear as such), it could even be a faulty weld, in which case, it is likely covered by warranty. In this case you should take photographs of the damaged section, and take them to the place of purchase for their opinion

If it is a hole or tear that has occurred in the blanket itself, your best bet is a product you can find at most hardware stores called ‘All Weather Tape’. It is water resistant and chemical resistant, and will certainly extend the life of your solar blanket by another season.

Before attempting repairs, you should remove your solar blanket from the pool, and make sure it is clean and dry. If you are patching a hole, you can either use tape for the entire patch, or you can square the hole off, and insert a new square of solar blanket, and simply tape it in position (on the top/flat side of the blanket).

Follow the manufacturers instructions on the tape with regards to ‘drying time’ or ‘setting time’, but you should leave it at least 2-3 hours before putting the repaired solar cover back on the pool.

Another alternative which I’ve heard of (but have not tried myself), is a hot glue gun. The same thing goes with working on a clean, dry solar cover, and the results should be similar. While the Hot Glue suggestion probably gives a more attractive finish, I imagine it will be far more fiddly and time consuming that the All Weather Tape. (Which, by the way, is transparent, so it doesn’t look too bad anyway).

I’ve also heard of people using duct tape with reasonable success, but I think the All Weather Tape is worth tracking down, as it gives a far more attractive result.

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