How much does a bubble cover cost?

If you are looking for a bubble type pool cover (also called bubble wrap covers, solar pool covers, solar pool blankets, floating pool covers and floating pool blankets), you will have seen that the cost varies a lot. The price you pay for a bubble pool cover will depend on the grade of bubble material that is used, and the size of the pool you are covering – the ‘thicker’ the blanket, and larger the pool, the more it is going to cost.

About the ‘bubbles’ – there are some different types. The cheapest bubble covers are generally a small bubble 12mm diameter or less in size, and the shape of the bubble is quite square on the sides. This type has come from a machine that makes packaging bubble and the quality is generally not very good.  Ideally, you should look for a bubble shape that is larger in size, say around 16mm diameter and has nice rounded edge. The rounded edge means less thinning of the plastic when the bubble is formed during manufacture, making the bubble  more resistant to chemical damage.

The grade (or thickness) is also a big factor. The thicker the grade of pool cover, the longer lasting it will be – particularly if the cover has been manufactured by an Australian company and not just imported from China. Most bubble pool covers that are made in Australia are formulated for our tough climatic conditions and have the necessary additives in the plastic to make them last in the hot Australian sun.  A good quality 400 grade bubble pool cover should come with a five year pro rata warranty.

Once you have considered all the factors involved in the type, style and thickness of a bubble pool cover and the warranty period, you can see the price will vary considerably. If you have a 6 metre by 3.5 metre pool, then you can probably find a cheap imported bubble style floating pool cover for under $120 but if you are looking for a good quality cover with a five year warranty, then you will need to pay closer to $200 (on our site) and closer to $260 to $300 in a pool shop.  If you have a very large pool and you want a cover with an eight year warranty, then you will need to pay up over$700.

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