How to care for your vinyl spa cover

To get the longest life from your vinyl Spa Cover, you should treat it like you would your car or fine furniture. The vinyl surface needs a little bit of care and attention and it will perform well. You wouldn’t jump up and down on your car roof or place rough and heavy objects on the painted surface, so make sure you and your family look after your vinyl Spa Cover. Use a vinyl conditioner on the Spa Cover that will protect it from the sun. It should contain a UV inhibitor and one of the best products available for this application is the 303 vinyl protectant.

Cleaning your vinyl Spa Cover is easy provided you do it regularly, you only need to do it about once a month. If you live in a dusty location, just hose off the excess dust and give it a quick wash with a soft bristled broom with some mild liquid soap and water. Do not use a high pressure water blaster to clean the cover as this will not work as well as a soft brush and soapy water, plus it could damage the surface of the vinyl. The pressure of the water blaster has been known to remove a layer off the top of the vinyl. Remember after every clean, treat the surface with vinyl protectant to keep it looking nice stop the effects from UV.

If you find the spa cover has tree sap on it, this can be removed using cigarette lighter fluid. Gently apply a small amount to the affected area and then immediately apply the vinyl protectant where the sap was removed. Solvents used to remove dry paint can damage the vinyl fabric, so once paint is dry, it cannot be easily removed. Whilst paint is still wet, use water or turpentine depending on the type of paint. The turpentine may reduce the life of the vinyl so use sparingly and carefully. Test a small “un-seen” section of the cover first to ensure there is no damage done to the vinyl. Grease and grime can be removed by washing the spa cover with mild liquid soap and water and a soft gentle bristle brush.

Finally one way to protect the underside of your vinyl spa cover from the chemicals used to maintain the spa, is to use a separate floating cover like a bubble spa cover or a foam spa cover. These are low cost covers and will offer a sacrificial layer to protect the investment of your vinyl spa cover. This is especially important when using ozone to treat your spa water. These covers stop the condensation from under your vinyl cover and will increase the heat retention as well as save you money on chemicals.

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