How to measure your pool for a solar cover

Measure your pool

When buying a solar pool cover, order using your swimming pool measurements.  All measurements on our site refer to pool length and width, (rather than finished blanket size) so your first step is to measure your pool.

You need the length and width at your pool’s widest points – if you have a freeform or shaped pool, just draw an imaginary rectangle around it, and use that as a guide. If you don’t have an imagination, just use some chalk to mark out the widest points! So measure the pool from edge to edge, at the widest points, treating any shaped pools as a rectangle.  Your cover will be supplied as a rectangle, which you simply trim to the required shape with a pair of sharp household scissors.

If we don’t have your exact pool size listed, select the next size size up. So if your pool is 7.2m long and 3.6m wide, you should order the 7.3m x 3.6m pool blanket.

All solar covers are supplied a little larger than the pool size – this allows you to leave a good turn-up all the way around to catch leaves and debris, so there is no need to add on extra cm’s to your pool measurements yourself.  Simply order according to your pool size, and we will supply that blanket.

When the cover arrives

When your pool cover first arrives, don’t pull it out of the box and start cutting straight away. Unpack it, and leave it lying flat over the pool for a few hours to relax a bit.  Once all the packing creases have dropped out (this will happen faster on a sunny day), you can give it a rough cut to shape. It might look huge, but take care to leave it much larger than the pool edge  – you should allow for around 10-15 cm extra, so that it sits just under the pool coping.  When you do the final trim, still leave around 5-10cm on all sides for turn up so that any leaves and debris can be blown or swept into the skimmer box before taking the blanket off.

It’s a good idea to leave the blanket on the pool for a couple of weeks before doing your final trim – and bear in mind it is always better to leave it too big than too small – often people find their blankets shrink a couple of cm after a few years. If you have a few cm up your sleeve (or up your coping), you probably won’t even notice.




  1. Jason T 16 November 2011

    Hi. My pools got a step out – what do I do with that?

  2. caroline 14 December 2011

    Hi Jason. There are two ways you can approach this. You can either
    1. Buy a blanket that is big enough to completely cover the entire pool (including the step out), and just trim the excess off: or
    2. Buy a second blanket (one of the spa sized ones should be big enough), and attach it using ‘All weather tape’ or simply let it sit on its own. As long as it sits flat on the surface of the water, you shouldn’t have any problems with it blowing off.

  3. david 10 September 2012

    How hard is it to connect a solar balnket to existing rollers and does it come with tooling and instruction

  4. caroline 9 October 2012

    Sorry for the delay in replying David. We’ve been inundated with spam of late, and you were caught in amongst it all! The solar blanket is easily attached to an existing roller, but you will need to purchase an attachment kit separately. (They are supplied with rollers, not covers).