How to repair a solar bubble pool cover

A pool cover can be repaired different ways depending on the type of cover and the repair needed. Determine the type of damage that has been done to you floating pool cover. If there is a large tear, it may be difficult to repair the cover without some additional fabric.

For a small hole, use an “all weather tape” that is designed for outdoor use and will resist the UV from the sun and the rain. These tapes are often used for repairing greenhouses and other outdoor applications adhering to plastic fabrics. Your pool cover is likely made from PE (Polyethylene plastic) so look for a weatherproof tape compatible with this. Use at least a 48mm wide tape, but wider is better as it gives more surface contact and will last longer.

For a tear along the seam, you can use “all weather tape” by applying it to a clean dry surface on both sides of the seam. If there is ongoing strain on the seam it may fail after a while so for a more permanent repair, I would suggest using a double sided adhesive tape and overlap the seam by at least 20mm. If you cannot over lap it, then use a cover strip of fabric and a 48mm wide double sided tape suitable for outdoor and wet use. Sail makers used good quality double sided tapes to join their sails and this type of product is suitable for repairing a long tear in your pool cover.

If you have a large destroyed area of the cover, you will need to buy a new section of cover either off the roll from the supplier or in a small prefabricated section, like a standard size spa cover to complete the repair. You can attach this large section with the double sided tape, but you may need to have the section sewn in place. Using a synthetic thread and very large stitch length (min 6mm) on a heavy industrial sewing machine, the cover can be sewn and then the join reinforced with PE tarp fabric which is usually blue in colour.  If you have two or more large repairs, it may be more economical to buy a replacement floating cover.


  1. Sandy Smith 25 July 2012

    We have an 18 X 36 inground pool solar cover. We have to make cuts in it to allow for our ladder and step post. We are very careful when we roll the cover up to make sure the cut are away from the post – but I would like to re-enforce our cuts with some tape………….do you have any suggestions…………..thank you in advance.

  2. Darleen Sullivan 5 October 2012

    That would good advice! Thank you. I have a different problem. All the bubbles are separating and I have a gazillion of them in the pool when I roll the cover back. I tried vacuuming them off the cover but there are too many of them breaking off. Certain areas seem fine! Does my pool cover need to go in the trash?

  3. caroline 9 October 2012

    Hi Darleen. Its time for the bin, I’m afraid. If your bubbles are breaking off, it is almost certainly chlorine damage. If it is concentrated in small, specific areas, chances are the damaged parts are over your return jets – see if you can change the direction of the jets slightly so that they dont hit the cover. Check that your chlorine levels are back in check before putting a new cover on.