New Spa Product – it’s HERE!

Tell us what you think.

We are considering introducing an alternative style of spa cover to our range.

These ‘soft’ spa covers are a cheaper alternative to expensive hard foam covers, and with childproof clips on all sides, offer some peace of mind when it comes to little ones and pets. An inflatable air bladder underneath increases insulation value, and provides a gentle slope to prevent leaves and water building up on top.

  • Detachable air bladder
  • UV Inhibitors for Australian conditions
  • No styrofoam to absorb water or break
  • Lightweight and easy to use

21 February, 2012 – These covers are now in stock!


  1. Jay 13 October 2011

    sounds not a bad idea

  2. Jeanette Baker 23 October 2011

    Hi. This sounds like a great idea. Our Foam cover has broken and is heavy and difficult to move now .

  3. Larissa de Carle 1 November 2011

    Hi, I am looking to replace a broken heavy foam cover as well.

  4. Michelle mason 4 November 2011

    Please introduce it!

  5. Darryl Reed 8 November 2011

    Hi, I don’t need a hard cover which cost $550-$650 to replace, if you had a soft tie down that would insulate well that would do it for me. Not keen on the solar blanket as too hard to remove leaves etc that fall on it given mine is not under cover.

  6. Judy Crane 23 November 2011

    Am looking for lockable spa cover at a reasonable price. This could be my solution!!!

  7. Julie Porteous 24 November 2011

    I am very interested in the soft tie down cover as I don’t need a hard expensive to replace cover. If you stock them yet can you contact me please?

  8. Sue Wilson 30 November 2011

    Would buy one in a flash if they worked and didnt let the heat out 🙂

  9. SUSAN HARRIS 4 December 2011

    I would be interested also as I need one my problem is my spa is a six sided spa could you help with that. Its a Sarah 200SP Hydrotherapeutic spa

  10. jackie pereira 7 December 2011

    Would definitely be looking at one let me know when you stock them great idea.

  11. Christine Hack 15 December 2011

    Definitely. Sooner the better as my German Shepherd puppy ate the foam one a couple of years ago. The foam ones are too heavy and cumbersome. Please keep me informed.

  12. Geoff 27 December 2011

    Our foam covers are about 5 years old, full of water, sagging and heavy so please let us know when the new spa covers are ready to go.

  13. Merril Graham 27 December 2011

    Sounds fantastic, am over trying to lift heavy covers that fill up with rain water. Will it keep the heat in as a hard cover does. We have a swim spa 4500 x 2300 x 1350 (would also have to add for going over the sides). Cheers Merril

  14. Garth edgar 2 January 2012

    I was giving thought on how to simplify the covering and un covering of my swim spa. I thought of a ute toneau and was looking for someone to make it for me. I think that it’s great idea particularly for the bigger spas.

  15. caroline 8 January 2012

    Absolutely. We’ll keep you informed!

  16. caroline 8 January 2012

    Hi Merril. Any sort of cover will offer some insulation, but these covers will have a primary purpose of leaf and debris prevention rather than heat retention. Once we have completed testing, we will be able to advise on thermal properties.

  17. caroline 8 January 2012

    Thanks Garth – we aim to please! 🙂 We’ve worked on the same sort of theory – hopefully we’ll have some photos, facts and figures ready to post in a few weeks.

  18. Lance 18 January 2012

    I’m real keen let me know please

  19. Bill Philpott 20 January 2012

    Have looked on net at US soft covers and they appear to be what I require. Please advise when ready to go

  20. Mark shaw 23 January 2012

    Let us know when on line? Sounds like a great idea.

  21. Heidi 15 February 2012

    very keen for this kind of cover, please email me when you have more info, thanks

  22. kim huskisson 18 February 2012

    Our hard cover spa cover has been infested and trashed by ants, so we are very interested in buying one of these tie down covers ASAP! Please contact us when they are in stock.
    Thanks, Kim