Top 5 benefits of using a solar pool cover

1. Free heating! A solar pool cover will heat the pool water – if your pool gets full sun during the day, a solar pool cover will increase the water temperature by around 8 degrees celcius.

2. Save water! A solar pool cover can almost eliminate water loss caused by evaporation. Ours have been independently tested, and proven to stop as much as 99.4% of evaporation.

3. Save chemicals! It’s not just the water that doesn’t evaporate – it’s your chemicals too.  By stopping evaporation, you are also cutting your chemical consumption. We find that most people will reduce their chemical needs by around 50% – in fact, turning an automatic chlorinator down by half is the first thing you need to do once you’ve installed a new solar cover.

4. Stop leaves! Having a solar blanket floating on top of your pool water means that pesky leaves and bits of garden debris sit on top of the cover, instead of sitting on the bottom of the pool floor. Use your blower to blow the leaves off before taking your cover off, and enjoy a clean, leaf free swim!

5. Save money! With no leaves and garden waste sitting on the bottom of the pool, the workload on your filter and vaccuum are reduced. While you still need to use them of course, they simply don’t need to work as hard – so they are likely to last longer, and use less power!

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