What is a micron?

The thickness of a solar pool cover is measured in ‘micron’ – which is just a very small unit of measurement = to 1/1000th of a millimetre. 250 micron is about equal to 2.5 mm, and 500 micron is 5.0 mm (or half a cm).

200 micron is the lightest you can buy in Australia, and 600 is the heaviest. We believe 600 micron is getting too heavy to be practical, so we only stock up to 500.

As a general rule, your lighter weight pool covers are better for a short term solution – ideal for those who prefer to change their cover over regularly to keep them looking tidy. They are also good if you have a very large pool, or if you don’t have a roller, as their lighter weight means they are easier to handle.

A 400 micron pool blanket is a good middle of the road cover, and is a popular choice. Heavy enough to last a few years in the harsh Australian climate, but still light enough to be easy to handle.

500 micron pool covers are our heavy duty option, guaranteed to last.

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